We stand as a highly committed towards quality that acquired us an unbeatable position in the market in a very short span of time, we have been able to create a niche of ourselves in the competitive market over the past years. Our matchless products ranges of food processing machineries are widely chosen among number of reputed customers. We deal all types of processing machineries

    Food Processing Machinary
        Grain Processing Machinary
             Stone Type Vertical Flour Mill
             Stone Type Horizontal Flour Mill
             Commercial Flour Mill
             Commercial Heavy Flour Mill
             Rawa Cum Flour Mill
             Plate Mill Domestic
             Plate Mill Commercial
             Dhal Mill
             Multi Purpose Flour Mill
             Multi Purpose S.S Flour Mill
             2 in 1 S.S Flour Mill
             S.S Box Type Flour Mill
             Fully / Semi Automatic Box Type Flour Mill
             Table Top S.S Flour Mill
             Coffee Seed Grinder
             Grain Flaker
             Poha Machine
             Roster Machine
             Mixi cum Flour Mill

        Masala Mill
             Stone Type Masala Mill (12''/14'')
             Stone Type Heavy Masala Mill (12''/14'')
             Commercial Masala Mill (16''/3rd pedestrial)
             Stoneless Masala Mill
             Box Type Masala Mill (R/L)
             Blower Type Msala Mill (H M)
             Open Type Masala Mill (H M)
             Janta Cakkie
             Magic Masala Mill
             Chilli Pounding Mill
             Heavy Chilli Pounding Mill
             Cyclone Type Masala Mill
             Multi Purpose Masala Mill
             Spice Grinder / Masala Plate Mill

             Heavy Type Pulverizer
             Box Type Pulverizer (R/L)
             Bottom Delivery Pulverizer
             Multi Pulverizer

        Cottage Pickle Industries
             Raw Mango Peeler
             Mango Cutting Machine
             Lemon Cutting Machine
             Ginger Peeler
             Ginger Cutting Machine
             Green Chilly Cutting Machine
             Red Wet Chilly Cutting Machine
             Garlic Bulb Breaker
             Garlic Paste Making Machine
             Onion Peeler
             Onion Cutting Machine
             Tamerind Sell Remover
             Tamerind Seed Separaterd
             Tamerind Pulper
             Raw Tamerind Cutting Machine
             Amala Shreadding
             Amala Cutting Machine
             Greavy Machine
             Tintling Grinder
             Dry Spices & Masala Grinder
             Dry Red Chilli Pounding Machine
             Commercial Heavy Duty Mixi
             Mixer Machine
             Spice Roaster Machine

        Fruite Processing Machinaries
             Juice Extracting Machine
             Lemon Juice Extractor
             Alovera Juice Extractor (Pulp Extractor)
             Alovera Juice Extractor (Leaf Extractor)
             Leafy Veg Juice Extractor
             Amla Juice Extractor
             Pomogranite Peeler
             Orange Juicer
             Automatic Orange Juicer
             Veg & Hard Fruit Juicer
             S.S Carrot Juicer
             Citrus Juicer
             Sugar Cane Juicer Crusher
             Hand Operated Juice Machine
             Semi Motorised Juice Machine

    Kitchen/Catering related machineries
        Hostel, Hotel and Catering Machine
             Tintling Grinder
             Dough Machine
             Heavy Duty Mixi
             Commercial Mixi
             Vegetable Cuttinh Machine
             Potato Peeler
             Greavy Machine
             Instant Wet Rice Grinder
             Instant Wel Chatney Grinder
             Onion Chopper
             Bowl Chopper
             Chapati Machine(Semi/Fully Auto)
             Multipurpose Flour Mill
             Food Warmer Machine
             Butter Milk Valona
             Rice Washer
             Rice Boiler
             Rice Mixer
             Steam Boiler(Warmer)
             Coconut Scrappar
             Motarise Instant Grinder
             Garbage Crusher
             Chapati/Puri/Parota Machine
             Sheet Maker/Semi Sheeter Machine
             Loi Cutter Machine

    Aruvedic and Herb processing machineries
         2 in 1 Pulverizer
         Vibro Shifter
         Powder Packing
         Ribbon Blender Mixing Machine
         Stirrer / Honegeriser
         Liquid Feeling
         Tablet - Capsul Making Machine
         Pills Making Machine
         Tray Dryers
         Tablet - Capsul Counting Machine
         Electrical Kharal

    Bakery and confectionary related machineries
         Flour Mill
         Sugar Mill
         Maide Shifter
         Dough Kneader
         Dought Mixer
         Cake Mixer
         Spiral Machine
         Dry Fruite Cutter/Slicer
         Baking Ovens

    Chemical and pharmaceutical related machineries
         Gstraku Machine - Leg Pressing
         Gstraku Machine - Electrical
         Gstraku Machine - Hydraulic
         Mannual Paper Cup Making Machine
         Semi Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine
         Fully Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine
         Paper Plate Making Machine

    Dairy, sweet and namkeen product processing machineries
        Dairy Products
             Ginger Paste Machine
             Butter Milk Churner
             Cream Separator
             Milk Clarificat
             Ghee Clafifier
             Butter Churner
             Paneer Making Machine
             Cheese Paste Machine

        Sweet Making Machinary
             Sugar Pulvirizer
             Milk Mava Making Machine
             Mava Mixing Machine
             Peda Making Machine(Peda Die)
             Laddu Making Machine
             Boondi Making Machine
             Boondi Slurry Mixing Machine
             Mysurpak Machine
             Halwa Machine
             Kaju Powder Grinder
             Kaju Burda
             Kaju Tukda Cutter
             Kaju Slicer
             Kaju Paste Making Machine
             Kaju Katli Making Machine
             Rasgulla Making Machine
             Rasamalai Making Machine
             Shrikhand Making Machine

        Snacks & Namkins
             Dough Machine
             Atta kneader
             Farson(Karpusa) Making Machine
             Naylon Sev Extruder
             Chakali Making Machine
             Ring Muruku Making Machie
             Chakodi Making Machine
             Nippat Making Machine
             Electric deep Fryer
             Oil Dryer(Oil Extractor)
             Flavour Coating Machine
             Dal Washer(Mung Dal / Channa dal)
             Shakarpara(Papadi) Making Machine
             Khakhara Making
             Loi Cutter Machine
             Shetter Machine
             Panipuri Making Machine
             Sevpuri Making Machine
             Raw Snacks Making Machine
             Kurkure Making Machine
             Frymes Making Machine
             Cheesball Making Machine
             Gold Finger / Phulwadi Making Machine
             Bing Mad Angle
             Sevaiya Making Machine
             Noodles Making Machine
             Channa Jhor Pressing Machine
             Dryer Machine
             Potato Peeler Machine
             Potato Wafer Machine(Slicer-Greater)
             French Fries Machine
             Banana Slicer(Wafer Machine)
             Heavy Duty Commercial Mixer Grinder
             Peanut Roaster
             Peanut Peeler
             Chikki Making Machine
             Coconut Slicer - Greater
             Dry Fruit Cutter & Slicer Machine
             Samosa Making Machine
             Papad Making Machine

    Wide range of agriculture machineries All type of automatic packing machines Ganesh Agencies is committed to supply of custom made equipment on the basis of Customer needs, quality oriented cost effective products and delivery schedule thereby achieving satisfaction of the client.

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